Artnatomy Presents

“The Art of Artrepreneurship”

Workshop Series & Artist Showcase

Artist working with two dimensional and three dimensional media are given the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops that spread throughout a month and showcase at our semi annual artist showcase. The workshops and showcase will expose amateur and practicing artist to knowledge about the fundamentals of practicing art as a profession.

Once the artists have gone through our workshop series, they will be allowed participate in our semi-annual artist showcase!

Applications will be available at our informational:

Saturday August 24th

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Workshop 1 (October 12th 10am -2pm)

The Art of Artrepreneurship

This intensive workshop we will dive into the arts industry. This will be a 4 hour workshop focusing on self-promotion, effective use of social media strategies, understanding the art market, strategic planning, and balancing studio time with business of art practices. These workshops aimed to assist emerging and established artists in creating a pathway to success.

Workshop 2 (Nov. 2nd depart 9am from Northlake Mall)

Field Trip

The Artnatomy Field Trip aims to expose visual artists to a variety to visual talents within art institutions. We will explore visual artists from the past, the present, and also the 21st century artist.

Artist Showcase: Potential Date- December 7th

Are you ready to get started on your artrepreneur journey?

Spring 2019 Workshops were a blast! Check out the photos below!