Applications for our Fall workshops are NOW AVAILABLE!

Artnatomy presents it’s second series of art education workshops, “The Art of Artrepreneurship”.

With this platform we will be looking into all aspects of art, from execution, criticism, presentation, branding, marketing, and most of all business management. With these workshops we hope that artists can learn more about being an artist beyond the canvas. Being an artist is being a business. 

After these workshops artist will be given the opportunity to put together their own series of artworks for display at our second annual art showcase. 


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Chosen artists will be responsible for paying a participation fee of $200 ($100 reserve wall space, $100 workshop reservation fee). Payment plans offered. But participating artists have the opportunity to get paid for ticket sales! $5 per ticket sold will be awarded to artists who sell tickets (which will be tracked by personal tracking links).

Artist Workshops

Workshop 1


This intensive workshop we will dive into the arts industry.  This will be a 4 hour workshop focusing on self-promotion, effective use of social media strategies, understanding the art market, strategic planning, and balancing studio time with business of art practices. These workshops aimed to assist emerging and established artists in creating a pathway to success.

Workshop 2


The Artnatomy Field Trip aims to expose visual artists to a variety to visual talents within art institutions. We will explore visual artists from the past, the present, and also the 21st century artist.

Artist Showcase

Artnatomy is looking for artist to participate in our second annual 2019 art auction! We will be hosting an artist call from July 2019 through September 7th, 2019. Chosen artist will be given the opportunity to exhibit (4-8 pieces of artwork) and sell work during this auction.